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From landscaping to general maintenance and trimming...

Here at New Beginnings Landscapes we provide a complete design and build service from the initial design concept right through to the completed garden.

We also offer an ongoing garden maintenance service.

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How we work:

Design process

When it comes to designing your dream garden, here at New Beginnings Landscapes, we have what it takes to come up with innovative visual ideas that are well thought out and that really work for you. When it comes to putting pen to paper, we take into account the clients brief, budget, the surroundings, the style of the house, linking the indoors with the outdoors and many other factors. A well thought out landscape plan, is crucial in forming the bones for a successful and beautiful garden. Not only does it visually communicate what will potentially be your new dream garden, but it is also an accurate way for us to quote off the plan, when it comes to building the garden. This way you will know exactly what we are quoting for, which is very important. You really do get your moneys worth when it comes to getting a landscape concept plan done.

You can see some example plans below:

1. Initial consultation (normally on site)
Introductions, talk requirements, budget, vision, theme, what plans are required etc.

2. Site analysis - Acquire site plan, measurements, contours, levels, existing trees, soil type, surroundings etc.

3. Initial design - Present layout plan showing living spaces, levels, garden areas, lawns, possible plants, features etc.

4. Master concept plan - Present final hand drafted plan - to scale, coloured, details, notes etc.

5. Planting plan with schedule - Present planting plan showing plant names, plant placement, numbers, sizes etc.

6. Quotation for implementation - Contractor and or sub-contractor to quote off the landscape plan.

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Soft Landscaping

Plants and lawn always complement hard elements in the landscape. Rosemary draped over the edge of a retaining wall, Star Jasmin trained up and along a timber fence, a lush green lawn butting up to a paved area, or Wisteria grown and trained up a pergola looks fantastic when it's flower arrives!

Whatever takes your fancy we can achieve it with some creative thinking!

How we achieve things...

When choosing plants and lawn type, we take into account the surrounding area, weather conditions and soil type. We only source and supply quality plants and seed and we love to use different plants in each new garden we build! All of our chosen plants get planted into quality growing media and slow release fertiliser is sprinkled around the rootball to ensure optimum growth for up to 6 months. We can fully irrigate your new gardens and lawns, with a simple or elaborate irrigation system - depending on your budget or scale of the garden. We also finish gardens in bark, mulch, wood-chip or pebble. This is crucial for the gardens appearance, to maintain moisture and to help to suppress weeds - that of course will appear! Planting and lawns are usually done after the hard landscaping has been completed.

We will always provide expert advise and services to ensure the best results are achieved.

soft landscaping services
hard landscaping services

Hard Landscaping

Here at New Beginnings, we believe that a solid foundation and good drainage are the two main key components to providing strength and stability to hard elements in the landscape. If you get these two things right, then you will have a successful outcome and your driveway, paved area, retaining wall, or whatever, will continue to look it's best years down the track! All product and materials used to create the hard landscape - are quality.

Workmanship is to the highest standard and we pay particular attention to how we finish things, as this is key to the final outcome. We can take care of all of your outdoor accessories as well. Tables and chairs, sculptures, outdoor art, pots or hanging baskets to name but a few.

We do it all:

Paving, Driveways, Retaining, Fencing, Decks, Pergolas, Block work, Water features


Imagine... having your dream garden built only to have it go to rack and ruin because it was not maintained and cared for on a regular basis. Here at New Beginnings we offer an ongoing garden maintenance service that simply ensures your new garden will continue to look it's best!

Whatever takes your fancy we can achieve it with some creative thinking!

What we do:

  • Regular plant and lawn feeding
  • Plant and lawn pest/disease control
  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Weed control
  • Meticulous trimming and pruning
  • Irrigation adjustments/maintenance
  • Mulch/bark garden top-ups
  • Maintenance of hard landscape elements
  • Staining and painting...

Whatever it takes to keep your garden looking good!

We maintain numerous gardens that we have built...check out our Testimonials page and see what some of our clients have to say about our garden maintenance!

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